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Comprehensive List of Approvals

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S.No Name of Approval Department Name Timeline
1 Fire No Objection Certificate Fire 15 days
2 DISCOM Connection Energy Connection Time Depends on Trunk length and load
3 DISCOM Power Feasibility 7 days
4 Electrical Inspectorate Approval of drawings 7 days
5 NREDCAP Registration to setup Solar Power Project 30 days
6 NREDCAP Registration to setup Wind Power Project 30 days
7 APPCB Consent to Establish Environment Forest Science and Technology i. 7 days for Green
ii. 15 days for Orange
iii. 21 days for Red
8 Forest Department Permission for felling trees 30-45 days
9 Tree transit permit 15 days
10 AYUSH License for AYUSH Health Medical & Family Welfare Dept 15 days
11 DCA License for Bulk Drugs Formulations 15 days
12 DCA License for Cosmetics 15 days
13 APIIC IALA Building Plan Approval Industries and Commerce 7 days
14 APIIC Land Allocation i. Finalisation of action on allotments of valid applications land or Sheds 45 days
ii. Issue of Provisional allotment letter along with site plan taking decision on allotment within 7 days
iii. Issue of final allotment letter on reciept of total paymenmt within 7 days
iv. Execution and registration of agreement of sale in prescribed sale 21 days
15 Mining Granite Quarry License 180 days
16 Mining Marble Quarry License 180 days
17 Mining Mineral Dealer License 30 days
18 Mining Mining Lease One- Year
19 Mining Other Quarry License 120 days
20 Mining Prospecting License 270 days
21 Mining Reconnaisance Permit 180 days
22 Ground Water Permission to dig new wells Irrigation and CAD 15 days
23 Irrigation Permission to draw water 15 days
24 Factory Plan Approval Labour Employment Training and Factories 7 days
25 DT&CP Building Plan Approval Municipal Administration and Urban Development 7 days
26 UDA Building Plan Approval 7 days
27 UDAs Water Supply i. 7 days for Approval
ii. 21 days for Connection
28 ULBs Building Plan Approval 7 days
29 ULBs Sewerage NOC & Connection i. Issue of NOC-15 days
ii. Issue of Sewege Connection -30 days
30 ULBs Storm Water NOC & Connection i. Issue of NOC-15 days
ii. Issue of SWD Connection -30 days
31 ULBs Water Supply i. 7 days for Approval
ii. 21 days for Connection
32 Gram Panchayat Building Permission Panchayati Raj 15 days
33 Gram Panchayat Water Supply 15 days
34 Registration & Stamps Partnership Firm Registration Registration & Stamps 3 days
35 Commercial Tax CST Registration Commercial Tax – Department of Revenue 3 days
36 Commercial Tax VAT Registration 3 days
37 Approval of change of land use for Industrial purpose Land Administration-Department of Revenue i. If in Master - 10 days
ii. If not in Master Plan- 21 days
38 License for primary distillery Prohibition & Excise 3 days
39 License to manufacture IMFL in distillery 3 days
40 License (Brewery) 3 days
41 License Winery 3 days
DISCLAIMER: The above compilation is a comprehensive list of approvals arrived at in the continuous process of inter-departmental consultation and is prone to periodic update given the business process reengineering initiatives being undertaken by multiple departments with the objective of improving ease of doing business in the state.

Sri Siddharth Jain, IAS
Commissioner of Industries