Department Name : Department of Revenue - Land Administration Clearance Name : Approval of change of land use for Industrial purpose
Sl. No.Name of the IndustryDistrictAddress of the UnitSectorLine of ActivityInvestment (Rs. in Lakhs)EmploymentDate of Receipt by Dept.SLA (Days)Permissible Date for ApprovalStatusApprover File IDApproved DateCertificate Validate DateDownload
1 R.K.IndustriesKrishnaAdivinekkalamk Street, Village, Agiripalle Mandal, Krishna DistrictOther IndustriesIronsteel Semifinished Products2452511-JAN-20172113-FEB-2017APPROVEDSDDLA02616005020-FEB-2017- SDDLA026160050

Online Building plan Approval
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