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Raw Materials

Most of the raw-materials required by the industrial units for undertaking the manufacturing process are available in open market without restrictions. But in case of certain scarce raw materials like Alcohol, Molasses, Methanol, Coal etc. their distribution is controlled and the Department of Industries assists the application industry procuring the requirements. The procedure followed is as given here under.

How to Apply
The Industrialists who are seeking for allotment for Raw materials shall apply to the concerned General Manager, District Industries Centre in the Districts in the prescribed proforma.

The General Managers should recommend the proposals duly enquiry on the status of the unit and verifying the genuinity of the documents enclosed as per the guidelines/ instructions issued by the Commissioner of Industries time to time.

The allotment is being done by General Manager / Commissioner of Industries basing on the genuinity of the proposal and assessment done as per the actual requirement of the quantity on adhoc basis. After verification of the utilization and status of the unit actual requirement shall be allotted on regular basis.

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