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Know Your Approvals

Please provide details to know the list of approvals you may require for setting up an industry in Andhra Pradesh List of Clearances
A. Enterprise
1. District
2. Type of operation
3. Investment Amount (in Rs. Lakhs)
4. Type of ownership
B. Sector
5. Sector
6. Line of Activity
7. Nature of land
8. Type of land
9. Local Authority
D. Utilities
10. Source of water
11. Height of building
12. Do you consume electricity for your establishment?
13. Does any of your installations exceed 33KV?
14. Contracted load (KVA)
E. Employment
15. Total number of workers
16. Number of inter-state migrant workers
17. Number of workers through contractor
F. Others
18. Will you manufacture or recycle plastic carry bags or multi-layered plastic?
19. Will you be operating boilers?
20. Will you be storing petroleum, diesel or naphtha?
21. Will you be handling hazardous waste?
22. Will you be handling bio-medical waste?
23. Will you be handling municipal solid waste?
24. Will you use rectified and/ or denatured spirit?
25. Will you be cutting trees other than Eucalptyus, Subabul and Casuarina species?
26. Do you need license for Motor Transport Workers Act, 1961?