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Pre-Establishment Approvals/ Clearances

Sl No. Name of the Clearance / Approval Department Permissible Time Limits
1 Power Feasibility certificate/sanction of power supply
Power Connection
DISCOM-Department of Energy 7 days
To be based on the length of the HT line
2 Electrical Inspectorate statutory approval for drawings Chief Electrical Inspectorate-Department of Energy 7 days
3 Building /Site Permission /Approval/License from Municipality/ UDA/ DT&CP/ Department of Municipal Administration & Urban Development 7 days
4 Building /Site Permission from Gram Panchayat Department of Panchayati Raj & Rural Development 15 days / Deemed
5(i) Approval for water supply from ULB s-MA & UD Department
Water Connection
Department of Municipal Administration & Urban Department 7 days
21 days
5(ii) Permission to draw water from river/public tanks, Irrigation & CAD Department Permission to dig new wells from Ground Water Department Irrigation & CAD Department 15 days
6 Factory Plan Approval Directorate of Factories-Department of Labour Employment Training and Factories 7 days
7 Fire-No Objection Certificate Directorate of Fire Services-Department of Home 15 days
8 Registration for VAT, CST Commercial Tax-Department of Revenue 3 days
9 Consent for Establishment
a)   Green Category
b)   Orange Category
c)   Red Category
APPCB 7 days
15 days
21 days
10 Approval of change of land use for Industrial purpose Land Administration-Department of Revenue If in Master Plan - 10 days
If not in Master Plan – 21 days
11 Registration of Partnership Firms Registration & Stamps- Department of Revenue 3 days
12 License for manufacture of bulk drugs / formulations / cosmetics Drug Control Administration- Department of Health, Medical & Family Welfare 15 days
13 License for manufacture of ayurvedic, homeo, siddha, unani AYUSH-Department of Health, Medical & Family Welfare 15 days