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Levies Rates & Tariffs By Other Departments

Sl.No. Department Note Particulars
1 Registration and Stamps Department The duties & fees imposed by Registration and Stamps Department
Duty & fee calculator
2 Commerical Taxes Department The levies, duties, and fees imposed by Commercial Tax Department a) GST
b) VAT Charges
3 DISCOMS DISCOMs in Andhra Pradesh (APSPDCL & APEPDCL) collect tariffs as a part of monthly electricity bill. Tariff rates are mentioend on Page 25 of the link provided a) Tariffs
b) Duties
4 Transport Department The levies, duties, and fees charged by the department are listed in the link provided. For Taxes, select 'Taxes' from the home menu and to access fee details, select 'Fees' a) Quaterly Taxes
b) Green Tax
c) Life Time Tax
d) Short Term Tax
e) Border Tax
f) Counter Signature Tax
g) Composite Tax
5 Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration The tax rates and tariffs charged by the municipalities which constitute more than 10% of the revenue are listed in the link provided. Details of taxes and fees charged are mentioned for Property, Trade License and Water Connections. Users are requested to select as per the applicable link a) Property Tax
b) Trade License
c) Water Charges
d) Mutation Fee
6 Panchayat Raj Department The Fees, levies, taxes, duties, cess levied in Gram Panchayats are detailed below Fees, levies & taxes